Top 12 Episodes

Ranked No. #01

Working with a team isn’t always straightforward, and it can be quite wild creating a space where everyone feels involved.

Gary Latham, co-founder of Wild Life Hair & Beauty, joins the studio to talk developing your business’s leadership and culture.

Ranked No. #02

Brandon Martignago, Owner of Dulcie’s Bar Bohemia and active Social Media Influencer talking about working with influencers, building followings and social media marketing.

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Ranked No. #03

Ever wondered about the power of personal presence?

Coach extraordinaire Ondina from Ondina Studio joins The Starter Pod to talk about how self awareness, mindset and setting intentions can help you grow your business.

Ranked No. #04

How can you connect & engage with people on LinkedIn without compromising your content?

Richard Ernster, founder of HHG offers a helping hand on revealing the power of LinkedIn and business systems when raising over $110 million for charity.

Ranked No. #05

A podcast crafted to help those wanting to explore the world of botox and fillers.

Listen to Nate and Dr Daniel Chanisheff of Green Square Health talk about the consultation process, procedure and some techniques that can reduce the costs.

Ranked No. #06

Tune in as with us and special guest Executive Coach and Psychologist, Joel Moffat, as we talk executive coaching, burn out and pushing through to achieve your goals.

Our Coaching and Therapy interventions are based on research evidence from experts in the field.

Ranked No. #07

Today’s digital marketplace is about succeeding with simplicity. But how do you create conversions without burning through thousands of dollars?

Skypoynt Director, Tom Pritchard, returns to the studio to talk about your spend, structure and customer experience.

Ranked No. #08

Pt. 1 of a two part series – Alexander has been a part of Fashion Week shows in Paris, New York and Sydney.

Listen to Alex Fuchs, Nate Kellock and Daniel Littlepage talk about creating a successful brand name on an international scale.

Ranked No. #09

Pt. 2 of a two part series  – Alexander has been a part of Fashion Week shows in Paris, New York and Sydney.

Listen to Alex Fuchs, Nate Kellock and Daniel Littlepage talk about creating a successful brand name on an international scale.

Ranked No. #10

Business first can leave you feeling tired and burnt out, so how do you reach a healthy balance between your career and your own wellbeing?

Ben Morris, DJ and Certified Personal Trainer, gives the simple secrets to keeping your body and mind in check without sacrificing your work-life.

Ranked No. #11

How would life look if your operational tasks were taken care of, your technology just worked, and you spent your working week doing exactly what you love?

Debbie talks efficient processes and systems
allowing you to focus on income-earning activities

Ranked No. #12

Creating the right culture for any business can be difficult when starting out, so what should you look for when building your company?

Jamie Finnegan, Global Head of Talent at Finder, teaches you on empowering your staff & values across your business.

Latest Episodes

Released 17/09/2019

Karen provides respected and valuable insight and information  to increase compliance, reduce risk & promote safer, happier and more productive workplaces.

Karen places emphasis on the importance of great leadership, being proactive and prevention.

Released 10/09/2019

Having a tough time facing a difficult conversation, or feel like your team’s momentum has slowed down to a sudden halt?

Luke provides leadership diagnoses, frameworks and factors stopping you from reaching your goals.

Released 02/09/2019

Implementing video into your brand’s marketing strategy can grab the attention a thousand people within seconds, so when, where and how should you do so?

Purple World Productions, delves deep into crafting your brand’s story through video.

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