Released 05/11/2019

Join Nate, Soraya, and Alex Siletsky, Marketing Director of Dream English Sydney, dive into Aussie english, improving PTE scores for foreigners.

Listen how Nate, Alex and Soraya talk about how you can use this to help increase your chances of employment. 

Released 29/10/2019

Are you ready for race season? Listen in June Dally-Watkins Brisbane Managing Director Jodie Bache-McLean etiquette coach, sharing how to avoid embarrassment this race season.

Learn how to reject a potential lover without hurting feelings by avoiding the trend of ghosting.

Released 21/10/2019

Ladybird Gifts are here to help you make people feel truly appreciated when you give them something memorable, something worth keeping, something they can use and enjoy.

When you receive a quality gift, you think kindly of the person who sent it. You feel grateful.

Top Episodes (Last 90 days)

Ranked No. #01

Karen provides respected and valuable insight and information through to increase compliance, reduce risk & promote safer, happier and more productive workplaces.

Karen places emphasis on the importance of great leadership, being proactive and prevention.

Ranked No. #02

A difficult conversation with your boss or employee? Or do you feel like your team’s momentum has slowed down to a sudden halt?

Join Luke Johnson of TACTICIAN as he talks with TSP on leadership diagnoses, frameworks and factors that are stopping you from reaching your goals.

Ranked No. #03

Business first can leave you feeling tired and burnt out, so how do you reach a healthy balance between your career and your own wellbeing?

Ben Morris, DJ and Certified Personal Trainer, gives the simple secrets to keeping your body and mind in check without sacrificing your work-life.

Ranked No. #04

Creating the right culture for any business can be difficult when starting out, so what should you look for when building your company?

On this episode of The Starter Pod, Jamie Finnegan, Global Head of Talent at Finder, teaches you on empowering your staff & values across your business.

Ranked No. #05

Listen to David Skapinker of Telum Media talk about making the right connections to achieve the right media coverage.

Find out how its possible to access a database of journalists in Australia, Asia and New Zealand that can help find the who’s who and contact them

Ranked No. #06

Implementing video into your brand’s marketing strategy can grab the attention a thousand people within seconds, so when, where and how should you do so?

Special guest Thomas Grainger, Video Content Strategist delves deep into crafting your brand’s story through video.

Ranked No. #07

DIY Branding Kits with Doni Paull from Fangaroo. Branding on a budget, secrets revelled!

Doni Paull shares with TSP that something as simple as a self designed blob could very well be enough to help your designer nail a brief saving you and your business $1000’s.

Ranked No. #08

Who Killed Creativity, And how do we bring it back?

Listen to Andrew Grant international bestselling author talk to TSP about the importance of creating an environment where the creative mind is allowed to thrive. Explore creative thinking versus critical thinking.

Ranked No. #09

How can you connect & engage with people on LinkedIn without compromising your content.

Richard Ernster, Founder of Helping Hand Group, offers a helping hand on revealing the power of LinkedInand business systems when raising over $110 million for charity.

Ranked No. #10

Tune in with us and special guest Warwick Levy, Founder of Lonely Kids Club and active mental health activist as we talk guerrilla marketing, E-commerce, getting into the retail space and digital marketing.

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Nate Kellock is a renowned creator of engaging audio/visual programs. His reassuring persona and ability to create thought-provoking content results in a spontaneous and unique show for viewers and listeners alike.

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Since starting in the communications industry, Soraya worked both in-house and agency side on a wide variety of clients in a range of different sectors including consumer brands, retail, FMCG, entertainment, lifestyle, property.

This diverse experience, range of media contacts and knowledge of the Australia and international media landscape has led me to start my own PR and communications agency, Neon Black.