Ep. 08 - Business, Botox & Fillers with Dr Daniel Chanisheff

Brandon Martignago, Owner of Dulcie’s Bar Bohemia and active Social Media Influencer talking about working with influencers, building followings and social media maketing.

Daniel Chanisheff

When not seeing patients, Dan is often thinking of ways to make healthcare and healthy living more engaging and effort free for his patients. This ranges from useful patient information handouts, developing web and social media content, and constantly researching innovative ways to use technology to make general practice safer and more engaging for our community.

A podcast crafted to help those wanting to explore the world of botox and fillers. Listen to Nate and Dr Daniel talk about the consultation process, procedure and some techniques that can reduce the costs.

Dr Daniel clinical director of Green Square Health www.gshealth.com offers to waive for our listeners the initial consultation fee for a cosmetic consult – can discuss pigment, acne, scars as well as aesthetics.

Dr Daniel Chanisheff, focusing on the health of his community.


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