Ep. 15 - Getting out on your own with Debbie Eglin"

Getting out on your own – when it’s time to take the step – “The reality is, until you’re absolutely invested it’s not going to shift”

Debbie Eglin

How would life look if your operational tasks were taken care of, your technology just worked, and you spent your working week doing exactly what you love?

We create customised, efficient processes and systems
allowing you to focus on income-earning activities

– Getting out on your own – when it’s time to take the step – “The reality is, until you’re absolutely invested it’s not going to shift”

– Culture and building what you want as a boss – and moving from a “dictatorship type relationship with their boss” by showing employees are valued can create loyalty
– Boss can define their own culture
– Culture is facilitated by open communication and knowing the values of your staff
– Embracing different cultures across countries

– Technology creates massive opportunities for SME’s
– Automation & animation of technology is huge – shifts being seen currently & many people are panicking
– BUT overlooking massive opportunities that exist
– Small and micro-business owners far too often too busy to educate themselves about how technology can support them and this is part of the problem
– Aren’t aware of amazing platforms available for SME’s at a low cost or free
– At the 3-5 year window, see a massive increase in business failure – because people don’t reinvest on ways to stay in the game & educate themselves on the changing landscape in their field (almost always tech-driven)

Systems in the workplace
– Management and interviews can occur via technology like zoom – used to connect with staff and potential employees + customers
– Systemisation and business management tools create transparency about what people need to be doing, are expected to do etc.
– Huge shift in accessibility for SME’s
– Productivity hub does “productivity audits” to assess how effectively systems are being used within a business vs. how they could be used
– “if it’s working we don’t need to change it, we need to enhance it” use your existing tech & utilise it to it’s full capacity
– “5% at a push are using their tech to it’s best” – need to educate people on what the tech they currently use is actually capable of
– Tech products endorsed by Debbie – zoom, active campaign (CRM & digital marketing platform – intuitive to use)

Top 3 things businesses need tech wise
1. CRM
2. project or task management platform e.g. Asana
3. Email client – that allows plugins e.g. g-suite, office 365

Products discussed/recommended
– Zoom
– G-Suite
– Asana
– Productivity hub
– Hubspot
– Canva

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