Ep. 16 - The Executive Coach with Joel Moffat

Tune in as with us and special guest Executive Coach and Psychologist, Joel Moffat, as we talk executive coaching, burn out and pushing through to achieve your goals.

Joel Moffat

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Our Coaching and Therapy interventions are based on research evidence from experts in the field. 

Guest summary

  • Practicing psychologist for + 7 years
  • Child protection, forensics, forensic disability protection
  • Started own business – executive coach AND psychologist
  • While therapy is future focussed, executive coaching is more about pursuing your goals (what can change)

Determining who to bring into the business – finding the right fit

  • Analysing who you might work on – using positive psychology and coaching skills 
  • “A) their values are in line with the business and B) I want to have a look at their meta-capabilities… is this person a flexible person, an adaptable person, what are their analytic skills like”

Health and wellness

  • How to manage your own health and wellbeing in a high-pressure – “I’m strict with my self-care”
  • Recognising your own emotional exhaustion, stress management
  • Business owners need to prioritise themselves too
  • Recognising the importance of pursuing good burnout/stress
  • Employee hotlines like Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which employees can call for free when stressed/overwhelmed or just wanting to talk
  • Note: ongoing clinical support is for psychologists (maybe include a disclaimer at the bottom of the show notes)

 Marketing and growth in a non-testimonial business

  • No one has a thought-out marketing plan when they started – but it can take years to develop and implement
  • Networking is key and word-of-mouth 

Executive coaching and burnout

  • “Dynamic space”
  • Executive burnout has been added to the International Classification of Disorders by World Health Organisation
  • People in the field of psychology or have had other clinical roles may be more suitable/have more experience
  • Psychologists tend to use evidence-based models and research
  • Goal-setting and meeting your goals
  • Holistic service based on the needs of an executive
  • Keeping a separation between clinical/mental health (psychologist) and goals (executive coach)
  • Investments in self-development only better your skills and increase your effectiveness

What should you look for in an executive coach?

  • Somebody that doesn’t give you advice…looks at where your strengths lie and replicating your previous successes in this new problem situation
  • “people have these things inside them, it’s about supporting them to bring it out”
  • Having a support network


  • Experience vs. education – depends on the person
  • “I’m a digital nomad” – utilising technology to create flexibility in your working life

Products Recommended;

  1. – Sykpe 
  2. – Zoom
  3. – Employee Assistants Program – https://www.eapassist.com.au/faqs



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