Ep. 17 - Working with Influencers feat. Brandon Martignago "BrandyBoy"

Brandon Martignago, Owner of Dulcie’s Bar Bohemia and active Social Media Influencer talking about working with influencers, building followings and social media maketing.

Brandon Martignago

Brandon Martignago, Owner of Dulcie’s Bar Bohemia and active Social Media Influencer talking about working with influencers, building followings and social media maketing.

Guest Summary

  • Brandon Martignago – https://www.instagram.com/brandyboy/
  • Active Social Media Influencer over two accounts
  • Passionate about fully immersive hospitality linked to locality
  • Psychology Graduate
  • Started Own Business – Dulcie’s Bar Bohemia, located in Kings Cross, inspired by the 1930’s Kings Cross and Dulcie Dreamer


Reach of social media, working with influencers and building an online brand



  • Started as addressing his self-worth and promoting his confidence on a mass public scale
  • Became about showcasing their (the photographers) work featuring himself
  • Selling products is not all what social media is about; users need to find the drive that pushes them to create personalised content
  • Instagram is about keeping you on the platform for longer, the algorithm has changed in regard to user activity
  • Partnering with brands can cause changes in authenticity such as promoting products you previously opposed to
  • Using Instagram to address issues which you are fighting within as a form of expression, so followers can relate

There is a certain key to Instagram:

  • Good quality photos that convey a meaning
  • Obtaining a quality and meaningful posting scheme to keep followers intrigued
  • Relatability so followers can compare themselves to their influencers

Business Perspective

  • Build a personal brand, create a reason to exist (attract people’s attention)
  • Building stories through your content (more than just a day to day basic post, need to convey a stronger perception and meaning)
  • There is a whole variety of people/businesses that are the same as you, so show that you have something to offer or show something that others don’t
  • Brandon opened a business and used his social medias to publicise his business which had a positive impact on his clientele
  • Instagram is a snapshot of your life, fragments of time displayed in photos and videos, therefore show how these moments are important through relatable commentary and taglines.


Building Your Following

  • Never buy followers/likes, it removes authenticity
  • Using the platforms to make connections with your suppliers such as alcoholic suppliers
  • Taglines – this will enable Instagram users to post photos and tag suppliers who can repost their content
  • Business profiling allows you to see when people check your Instagram, what to post and how to engage with the content
  • Instagram has become so intrinsically linked to the day to day life of users
  • You can buy clothes through Instagram through the “shop category”
  • You can fake it by buying followers and creating standard content, but the ability to be creative and unique content is diminished


The Specialist

  • You need to be on top of that person in regard to research in order to find the right people to promote you
  • Try and find your niche in order to find something that you are passionate about
  • Hashtags are a key way to find people who are keen on your company
  • People want a connection with you, therefore the products you promote need to be tied with your key ideas and values
  • There are followers over a range of markets
  • 2% of followers to a page are usually involved with that person they follow
  • 8-10% of followers like your photos on average
  • You will never get authenticity if you fake it
  • Find an interesting location and use it to get in with a certain area
  • YouTube is a good way to get an understanding of content
  • Play around with filters, apps, to see what you want to do and how to use your equipment

Top Tips:

  • Find your niche
  • Ask questions to other influencers
  • Engage with the people in your market
  • Try and get collaborations with strong influencers
  • Reach out to a PR agency

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