Ep. 21 - A Helping Hand with Richard Ernster

How can you connect & engage with people on LinkedIn without compromising your content?
Richard Ernster, Founder of Helping Hand Group, offers a helping hand on revealing the power of LinkedIn and business systems when raising over $110 million for charity.

Richard Ernster

Director and Founder of Australia/NZ and Asia’s largest fundraising services company

Assisted charities, fundraising and sporting groups in raising over $110 million in net donations since 1997. 

Show Notes

Choosing the Right Charity
  • There are thousands of charities and getting behind a single cause may be a bit harder than you think. Be selective in choosing the right charity.
  • Don’t choose what’s convenient for you, choose what’s important to you. A charity that is close to your heart and values leaves you more supportive in making a real impact.


How To Manage & Scale Your Business Systems
  • Put key people in each area, don’t mix and match your staff between divisions. Work ethic is key to keeping your systems working, and the right person can make your business click into place.
  • Listen when it’s time to listen. Your way may not be the best way of solving problems. You are given two ears and one mouth, so use it in that ratio.
  • Constantly look at the big picture. Work out the pieces to move on each level of your business. Don’t focus only on the day-to-day movements, otherwise you’ll never see the significance in your work.
  • When growing your business, take advantage of the digital resources you have. Don’t keep your processes recorded solely on a physical handbook. Platforms such as Moodle can allow your staff can control their engagement with learning new systems & processes effortlessly.
  • If something doesn’t work, take it with stride. There is always a fall before the bounce back, don’t expect constantly success.
    Richard’s tips for dealing with a fall are:
    • No problem in the history of mankind is solved by worry and stress. Move past the issue by creating an action plan.
    • Know your own strengths and hire for your weaknesses.
    • Start with the end in mind. Consider what are you trying to achieve from the business. Work back from there on a daily or monthly basis to work out what you need to do in every point of time


How to Fundraise for Your Business/Charity
  • Workplace giving is the strongest way to start. Create a vested interest in your charity with possible.
  • Provide details to the purpose of your charity. Hone in on who’s getting the funds, what the staff are providing and why you’re proud of supporting the charity.
  • Closing deals may be tricky, people pay attention to what’s engaging. In an auction, only 5% of people are paying attention to a specific item. You need to buy the attention of the 95% so they don’t overcrowd the room.
  • Entertain and engage your audience with your skills. Know when to interject, keep the room focused on you and what you’re selling.


How to Connect & Engage with People on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is the most popular platform for raising awareness of your profile and business. As an employee, your profile is one of the only assets that you can transfer between jobs.
  • Don’t focus solely on what you’re doing, give away the praise. Mentioning and tagging people that you work with harnesses a stronger relation between new and existing connections.
  • Content can be oversaturated, but engagements aren’t. Don’t only post about your business every day of the week, otherwise your connections will treat your post like an ad.
  • Post things that are relevant to you. Be authentic, don’t try to be someone you’re not. Australia alone has 9 million users, and with the right content & delivery, you’ll always reach your target audience.


Links & Recommendations
  • Helping Hand Group are donating an $8000 Bali holiday to any fundraising event that uses their no-cost services. Visit helpinghand.com.au

  • Books
    • The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People – Stephen R. Covey
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