Ep. 24 - A Healthy Balance with Ben Morris

Putting your business first can leave you feeling tired and burnt out, so how do you reach a healthy balance between your career and your own wellbeing?

In the latest episode, Ben Morris, DJ and Certified Personal Trainer, gives the simple secrets to keeping your body and mind in check without sacrificing your work-life.

Ben Morris

Ben educates people to make better choices regarding their own health, proving that crash diets are not the answer to a better lifestyle.

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How can Executives Prioritise their own Health?
  • Consider using your calendar and booking in “you time” – for the gym, meditation, and other forms of self care
  • Nutrition is extremely important – if you don’t have time to prepare healthy meals, consider nutritious pre-prepared meal services
  • Preparation is key to losing weight and maintaining this weight loss
Ben’s Top 3 Tips for Putting Yourself First
  1. Sleep – without sleep your body can’t recover and cells don’t replenish. To get into true deep sleep consider temperature controlling your room, avoiding blue light before sleep and giving yourself the chance to wind-down
  2. Nutrition – fuelling your body the right way gives you the energy to smash out the work day, without feeling lethargic
  3. Schedule your time and exercise whenever you can – make yourself accountable by sharing these plans with others and writing things down
Prioritising Positive Culture & Wellbeing
  • Walking meetings where teams leave the office for short periods are increasingly popular. These quick-fire catchups are less intimidating options for staff to gain access to the boss while getting some much needed fresh air and exercise
  • Encouraging a healthy balance in the workplace – fit and healthy staff are more productive and offer a higher long-term return. This could include providing healthy pre-prepared meals for staff or extended lunch breaks to allow for exercise/gym visits
  • Remember there are dangers to having so many unhealthy options at our fingertips in the age of online ordering. Treating healthy food as fuel is a good business move for you and staff.
Achieving your Own Best Self
  • Achieving a complete overhaul of your health and life isn’t magically going to happen on 1st January. This kind of change is unsustainable and waiting for a time you are ready to change everything is never going to happen. Try to make minor changes consistently to achieve your goals.
  • Achieving an exercise-based lifestyle requires you finding a form you actually enjoy and will be able to go back to again and again. If you do pursue personal training, find someone you get along with, that won’t intimidate you and can motivate you when you’re at your worst.
  • Whether it be exercise, sleep or nutrition, If it’s important, you need make the time – everyone has time to do these things, but they fail to prioritise what is really important.
  • Consider finding different methods of personal motivation – this may be meditation/mindfulness which can help you become more aware of your own consciousness.
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