Ep. 24 - A King of Culture with Jamie Finnegan

Creating the right culture for any business can be difficult when starting out, so what should you look for when building your company?

On this episode of The Starter Pod, Jamie Finnegan, Global Head of Talent at Finder, teaches you on empowering your staff & values across your business.

Jamie Finnegan

As Global Head of Talent, Jamie is responsible for the growth of Finder’s team whilst also designing and driving business initiatives to further enhance Finder’s unique culture.

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Building culture in a firm
  • Good culture to employees should be a set of behaviours that are seen, even when the boss isn’t around. Culture and business values should transcend through all different departments/areas, into everything your business does.
  • Having a clearly defined mission and vision for your business can both guide current staff and be used to attract future potential staff to the firm.
  • Create culture through finding the right employees.
  • Create your own recruitment luck by staying in contact with potential candidates that would fit in at your firm.
  • Different types of workers need different things from an office culture. Millennials focus more on multitasking and appreciate flexibility in their working environments, allowing remote access, instant messaging etc. to complete their work.
  • Bosses are responsible for building different workplace environments that are inclusive and motivational for people of different generations, cultures, working styles etc. to allow your staff to do their best work.
  • Toxic cultures often develop from a place of mistrust and micro-management of staff.
Creating and spreading your firm’s values
  • Understanding firm values is about consulting with your current staff and adapting what the firm views as its fundamentals. Business values are dynamic NOT static – they should be constantly developed and refined.
  • Engrain your values into your business – it should be a part of everything from your vernacular, recruitment interviewing and even performance reviews.
  • “Hire character, train skill”  – This mantra allows you to find people who will embrace and spread your values.
  • Consider non-traditional interview and assessment methods, such as personality testing to understand your staff (or potential staff), how to get the best out of them, and where they should be working.
Empowering staff in 3 steps:
  1. Give people the freedom to do the job they were hired for. Empower individual employees and have faith in their abilities. This is especially important in small businesses, where the team is highly reliant on every person.
  2. Empower staff to help each other. Collaboration across business can bond staff together, creating a more cohesive culture and allow people to consider new ideas they wouldn’t have thought of on their own.
  3. Empower yourself as a business owner.
Culture as a non-monetary benefit
  • Culture, perks and other benefits can serve as non-monetary attractors to potential employees and create loyalty from your current staff.