Ep. 26 - Your Video Sweet Spot with Thomas Grainger

Implementing video into your brand’s marketing strategy can grab the attention a thousand people within seconds, so when, where and how should you do so?

Join The Starter Pod with special guest Thomas Grainger, Video Content Strategist at Purple World Productions, as he delves deep into crafting your brand’s story through video.

Thomas Grainger

Thomas is a communications and marketing professional specialising in video content development, spanning digital broadcast, social channels, out of home display and immersive video experiences.

He advises brands on optimising their video content for their overarching marketing strategy and ensuring that video is produced for the right platform with the right audience. 

Thomas Grainger
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Strategy Advice from A Video Content Strategist
  • Plan your way ahead & roadmap for video content. Visualise the message of content you want to present to your audience, then ask yourself ‘How can this message be transformed into video?’
  • Appreciate the video format —> under 30s if not providing clear value to customer
  • Always lead with ‘Why?’ What is the purpose of your content?
    Utilise your brand’s identity to create a conversation & generate leads. Video isn’t necessarily about getting sales, however it can be one of many methods.
  • WOM as one of the strongest means of advertising
  • The key questions for developing a strategy:
    • Budget
    • Goals
    • Where to sell

When, where and how should you upload?
  • Make sure you upload natively to every platform you want. Different websites, like LinkedIn and Facebook, format videos differently.
  • Put external links to your content as a comment.
  • Use relevant hashtags on your post so that your content will pull onto feeds containing similar ideas. This method can help you reach 2nd and 3rd level contacts you may want to work with!
  • Post before & after work, between the hours of 7:30 – 8:45am and 5:30 – 7pm respectively, so that you don’t miss reaching out to people at work.
  • Be personal with your audience. Help people connect with your brand & ideas, but also understand the limitations of the platform you’re using
  • Allowing people to picture themselves with your product builds a connection. associate your product with specific environments and lifestyles.

Ensuring Your Content Gets the Right Reach
  • Video content should be used to advertise & amplify everything else your firm does.
  • Understand where your audience engage with content. Look at what works for other brands, and experiment with possible strategies. You won’t always get it right the first time, but content is consumed so fast, that you won’t need to wait long to try again.
  • Create sense of consistency with your brand. Your followers are ‘creatures of habit’, and so people get confused when you divert too much from your overall message.
  • People like to follow/be involved in something that has a community feel. Holding conversations with your audience means you are more likely to grab their attention. Trust & loyalty always beat personalisation.

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