Ep. 27 - Diagnose your Leadership with Luke Johnson

Having a tough time facing a difficult conversation with your boss or employee? Or do you feel like your team’s momentum has slowed down to a sudden halt?

On the latest episode of The Starter Pod, Luke Johnson of TACTICIAN joins the studio to provide you with leadership diagnoses, frameworks and factors that are stopping you from reaching your goals.

Luke Johnson

Luke is an HR professional that is passionate about making complex things simple. With many years of experience working with many of the world’s leading brands, Luke specialises in organisational design, learning and development, training and cultural change initiatives.

TACTICIAN specialise in helping you execute strategy. From delivering one-on-one guidance to building the skills that leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs and business developers need – they help you get stuff done!

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Your Leadership Diagnosis
  • Every person has a different behavioural style. Profiling tools, such as DISC or MBTI, can show you your own skills and what you need to focus on more.
  • Improving your team starts from ‘diagnosing’ your skill & mindset. Most senior leaders want to display confidence and communication, yet simultaneously doubt the impression they leave on others. Working on yourself allows you to better focus on what you say rather than how.
  • Common signs of misunderstanding your leadership potential are not seeing the impact you have on your team or continually remaining stressed throughout work.
  • Your cognitive fitness (health while working) is shaped by influenced outside of work. Separating work & life can be difficult, so recognise where you can invest your time & energy. Don’t aim at performing high at everything, it can be impossible & impractical at best. Instead, prioritise what’s important to you and go from there.

Look Out For These Fear Factors
  • Fear of Self
  • Fear of Others
  • Fear of Incompetence
  • Fear of Ignorance
  • Fear of Preparation
  • Fear of Fear Itself
  • For more Fear Factors tailored to you, ask the Tacticians themselves!

The GUTS Framework
  • G – Goals & Gains: What is the goal you want to achieve by overcoming the above fears?
  • U – Unpack & Understand; What’s stopping you from overcoming that fear and understand the fear behind it
  • T – Tactics: What are the steps put in place to help deal with your fear?
  • S – Synthesise: Reflect on the experience and feedback. Are you improving and how can we continue that momentum?
  • The biggest challenge people face is attempting to see results straightaway. It takes in-depth thinking & interaction to comprehensively understand the fear that’s stopping you from achieving your potential.
  • Luke recommends gathering all the data that’s available to reach a decision on what to do next. Look at exit interviews, your current work environment and roles around you. Have a transparent conversation with your manager and ask what they’re experiencing within the team itself to see an insight into what you can do.

Your Team’s Behaviour
  • Behaviour & personality are not as close as you think. Personalities are much more dynamic than you see at first glance, and so diagnosing behaviours when recruiting is often used. Having a consistent standard of behaviours when hiring can help, although do not recruit solely on certain tendencies or likability.
  • On top of being able to do the job, your team must hold some capability of cultural fit and seeing the bigger picture.
  • Some people are really good at having prepared interviews, and so the structure of testing for the right person might have to change. Getting to know how the candidate works, rather than their output, over a coffee may be a better alternative to find the skills you’re looking for.

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