Ep. 29 - DIY Branding Kits with Donald Paull

DIY Branding Kits with Doni Paull from Fangaroo. Branding on a budget, secrets revelled!

Doni shares that something as simple as a self designed blob could be enough to help your designer nail a brief saving you $1000’s.

Donald Paull

To find out more about Doni and his amazing portfolio head to www.fangaroo.com and check out some of his inspiring collections of work. 

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Creative processes

  • Donald considers himself to take the DaVinci approach to art
  • Van Gogh approach involves listening to feelings and impulses, Davinci approach is an attention to detail
  • Just like any business plans and projects forward in the sense of operations, it’s also important to plan the brands direction, and presentation

Donald’s tips for businesses connecting with designers

  • Use creativity and draw some visions for the design
  • Make it clear what the business does, who it speaks to and where it is located
  • Trying to start a logo DIY will always leave a brand better off. No matter how they go about it, this will give understanding of what the brand may or may not want in a final design.­­

Graphic designers and creative freedom

  • Donald says to go by instincts and tell designers if you don’t like something
  • Things should take as long as they need to be right
  • The takeaway is that the dynamic is different every time

Image Logo creation

– An image is almost like a miniature collection of tiles or pixels and the resolution pertains to the density and size of the tiles

– Graphic designers often use vectors, which are more like maps of coordinates rather than a fixed image

Links & Recommendations:

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Barry’s Bootcamp: https://www.barrysbootcamp.com/

Fiverr: https://www.fiverr.com

Canva: https://www.canva.com/create/


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