Ep. 29 - Who Killed Creativity with Andrew Grant

Who Killed Creativity, And how do we bring it back? Listen to Andrew Grant international bestselling author talk about the importance of creating an environment where the creative mind is allowed to thrive.

Creative thinking versus critical thinking, learn how both approaches play a vital role in innovation.

Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant is CEO of Tirian International Consultancy, keynote speaker and co-author of the breakthrough new book The Innovation Race: How to change a culture to change the game along with international bestseller Who Killed Creativity?… And How Can We Get It Back?.

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  • Problem Andrew found was that people in certain industries would come into creativity seminars with the impression that they did not require creativity
  • There are more psychopaths in corporate positions than there are in British prisons
  • Micromanaging and control in workplaces puts a damper on creativity

The cookie Story

  • Andrew was trying to force a creative opening for a speech he was giving
  • He notices that every time his son took a bite from a cookie, he would say it looks like different things
  • Andrew realised that whereas a kid is naturally creative, he was trying to force it as an adult

Creativity vs correctness 

  • Went into a school to survey creativity
  • When asked, kindergarten children keenly all put their hands up
  • By year 12, just one child put their hand up
  • The key difference was that as we age, we are rewarded for being correct and not creative

Nature of creative workshops

  • Andrew says that creativity workshops do not require artistic ability
  • This makes people more open to participating
  • the specific type of creativity Andrew works on is the making of connections between things to help businesses
  • eg: premium grease company needed customers to change grease more often. With Andrews help they made a connection to a toothbrush that changes colour when it is ready to be replaced and adapted the idea to their product

The creative class

  • the creative class is a group of people whose way of thinking can greatly benefit a company
  • this class is naturally attracted certain cities and countries
  • to attract creatives a business needs existing talent, technology, a high level of tolerance to diversity

What does it cost to revive creativity?

  • Andrew found that workshops and seminars were often boring during the day and drinking/partying at night
  • He also asks businesses to consider that all the attendees have an hourly rate and will cost employers productivity
  • The more important question he says is, what will it cost to not be creative?

The creativity killer

  • Andrew gave talks where a boss assumed they did not require the training his employees were receiving
  • When he returned, the first group presented enthusiastically, but the boss was far from open to the team’s ideas
  • Every group successively presented with less enthusiasm and felt less confident in their ideas

Critical vs creative

  • As important as creativity is, critical thinking is also required to test creative ideas and actually make sure it works

7 creativity killers

  • Control
  • Fear
  • Pressure
  • Narrow Mindedness
  • Apathy
  • Insulation
  • Pessimism

Top tip from Andrew

  • Give up on forcing innovation until culture and mindset have changed to cater for creativity

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