Ep. 32 - Top Tips on Property Investment with Scott Kuru

Nate and Soraya talk to Scott Kuru, founder of Freedom Property Investors on how he built a property portfolio from 0-16 properties in just 6 years. Scott shares tips on where to start, the importance of 6.8 and his 70/30 rule.

Scott Kuru

Motivated by a better and safer life for him and his 4 children, he perfected the property multiplier formula method which allowed him to build a property portfolio of 16 properties in 6 years.

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What does Scott do?

  • Lots of people know how to earn but not manage it
  • Focuses on how to invest and multiply money
  • Found the property market to be lucrative
  • Went from 0 to 16 properties in 6 years

Why invest?

  • Scott reached a point in his 30s and imagined into the future
  • He realised that he needed to save and invest his money
  • Most people don’t want to give their money to an investor or expert
  • It took Scott about a year and a half to understand the property market

Scott’s 3 criteria for finding a mentor

  • Does this person have proven results?
  • Have they helped other people and been successful?
  • Do they know what they’re talking about?

What about debt?

  • Scott says there needs to be a shift of mindset to knowing debt is not scary
  • As long as an investor finds a tenant, the debt will pay for itself
  • Out of his hundreds of clients, not on person has had a problem finding a tenant
  • Scott says property investment isn’t even a risk

Relationships with money

  • Many of us have negative emotions surrounding money – sadness, guilt, anger
  • We trade time for money, and circumstances sometime rid us of our time
  • If we can confront our fears around money and develop passive income, we can feel safer in unforeseen circumstances

Breaking down property investment in a nutshell

  • Property grows at about 6.8% for the last 25 years
  • If you find a property at or above the average growth rate, you will approximately double property value every 10 years
  • When you sell that property, you can then buy more debt free

How does Scott invest many people’s money?

  • Scott and his business partner find profitable properties
  • They then make a group negotiated deal which includes speaking to developers and negotiating a deal when multiple properties are bought

Rule of 70/30

  • Properties gain 70% of their value in 30% of time

Scott’s Top tips

  • Find an expert
  • Talk to multiple people to give yourself the best chance of finding a match
  • Use the internet and resources to educate yourself
  • Be honest with yourself about how much you can invest
  • Set financial goals
  • Take action and get involved to gain that initial momentum

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