Ep. 20 - A Wild Life with Gary Latham

Working with a team isn’t always straightforward, and it can be quite wild creating a space where everyone feels involved. Gary Latham, co-founder of Wild Life Hair & Beauty, joins the studio to talk developing your business’s leadership and culture.

Gary Latham

Gary Latham, Co-founder of Wild Life Hair, Voice & Creative of ’It’s Not Funny’.  Wild Life Hair deliver the ultimate hair experience by spending time and detail. Having won numerous awards, Gary believes success comes when you have emotion and strong leadership.

Be patient, be brave, be kind, be flexible, be interested.

Show Notes

Partnering with Others
  • Partnering with others may be difficult. It doesn’t matter who you’re going into a partnership with, but the mindset is that you are both your partner’s employee and boss.
  • Respect the partner’s goals and wishes, don’t remain in charge all the time. Cooperate with one another, and make sure each partner is putting effort for the other.
  • A partnership can get you through difficult times with the addition of a larger buy-in group, and gives you someone to lean on.
  • Make sure your partners have a set of complementary skills you don’t have. If they are the type of person you can catch up with an outside of business hours on social level.
Building Your Team
  • Your team must want to work for you. 90% of success is about turning up; if people keep turning up, they keep their jobs.
  • Staff aren’t a part of your business; they are your business. Going the extra mile for your team makes all the difference. If you treat everybody like you have an interest in them, it makes a big difference.
  • Everyone tires out of doing the same thing over and over again. Keep your team challenged, looking for new ways of doing things differently.
  • When developing a team, allow your staff the opportunity to cultivate the store into their own collective style. Know when not to be there, and let them make their own decisions.
  • Everyone needs to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. If your staff can answer what they do with pride (without the simple “I’m just a hairdresser”), they’re much more likely to stick around.
Pushing Yourself as a Boss/Employer/Leader
  • “The day you quit learning is the day you hang up your scissors”
  • Your business has to be the perfect environment for what you want to create. Run a business you want to work in, but also, run a business you want to be a customer in.
  • Create a space & culture you live and love.
Working with Parkinson’s
  • Working with a disability no matter the load makes business harder. Building a cooperative team therefore becomes increasingly important in maintaining efficiency.
  • Parkinson’s comes in different types and stages, not everyone has the same diagnosed symptoms. Make sure you accommodate for the differences, and respect their effort.
  • When interacting with people with Parkinson’s, make sure you give them a chance to talk if they have trouble.
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